Planlagt kuld

Planlagte kuld


Schnauzerhvalpe planlagt efter Thea og Enzo  i efteråret 2023
Thea og enzo er parret og Scanningen viste ca 5 stykker - de er sat til at ankomme omrking d. 20 oktober.

Thea is working in wild game tracking, hunting, canicross, bikejoring, weightpull, hiking, nosework and dog parkour.

She is part of my nonofficial servicedog team, wich is helping me keep my issues under control and she has been doing really well in conformation.

Enzo is a certified visitor dog with Trygfonden, doing weekly visits at "his" retirement home.

He is also an active hiker, both with and without his own backpack, does some parkour and weightpull in the form of drag.

He is doing amazing in conformation.

He is an active dog with a really good off switch

For the weightpull people - in this breeding is both Tzunami and Buddha!

In general puppies should be highly workable and suited for servicedog-tasks. While also fit in the show ring!

Hvis du har interesse i en af disse hvalpe, så giv mig et ring/mail !

Stamtavle her!